Insurance Inspections

Why should you have an insurance inspection?


Dependable Insurance Inspection Available in Orlando, FL

Many landlords and home owners are pleasantly surprised to learn that their insurance premium is reduced when they provide accurate, up-to-date information on the state of their property. Once insurers have evidence that key parts of your building are in good condition, they’re often able to offer a more attractive premium. We are a well-established inspection and assessment company who specialize in conducting insurance inspections of many different types.

Try Our 4 Point Insurance Inspection

Our extensive experience in the field of insurance inspection, with thousands of inspections a year, has taught us that generally insurers are looking for reassurance on the state of your roof, plumbing, electrical system, and Air Conditioning system. This is because generally these are the elements within a building which are most likely to go wrong, triggering the need to make a claim. When you call us out, we will perform a visual inspection of these areas and professionally present the information to your insurance company with a quality report and color pictures.

An Insurance Inspection Can Have Other Benefits

The information contained in our report not only provides data for insurance companies, it can also give property owners a good idea of repairs that may be needed or highlight previously unknown problems. This enables action to be taken in a planned manner, which often costs far less than the outlay required to fix a disaster which has occurred due to a plumbing or electrical failure.

Objective Insurance Inspection for Orlando Properties

Because we don’t undertake any repairs or mitigation activities, we have no vested interest in manipulating the results of our inspections to make them look worse than what they actually are. Our aim is simply to provide a top quality service in order to give our customers the reports they need for insurance purposes. To find out more about what we offer, or to schedule an inspection, you can call us at (407) 721-0594.

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