Mold Inspection in Lake Nona

There are plenty of mold inspection companies out there who also do the necessary remediation works after mold has been identified. The big question is, how objective do you think their mold testing and suggestions for management will be if they are able to earn big bucks by doing the work they recommend themselves? We are an independent company who ONLY carries out assessment and testing. This means we are completely objective and committed only to providing the best possible service for our customers.

Use Us for Your Insurance Inspection

Whether you’ve recently bought a property and need an inspection completed for your insurance company, or need to provide an up-to-date report so that your new premium can be accurately calculated, our four point inspection could be just the thing. Including detailed assessment and testing of electricity and plumbing systems, in addition to a Roof Inspection and inspection of your heating/air-conditioning system, our insurance report contains everything you need to know to make the decisions which are right for you.

What’s Your Indoor Air Quality Like?

A growing body of evidence suggests that it’s not just well-known contaminants such as mold which can reduce the quality of your home’s air. Chemicals emitted by furniture, floor coverings, fixtures and fittings can all have potentially damaging effects on the health of you and your family. Alongside our Water Leak Detection and Wind Mitigation, we offer thorough home air quality testing, enabling you to spot any potential trouble areas and put in place the necessary remediation arrangements.

Mold Inspectors Serving the Lake Nona Area

Over the years we have inspected numerous properties in the Lake Nona area, providing home owners with the information they need to make their home safe, as well as potentially inform insurance claims, premiums and more. To discuss your requirements with us or for further information, call us now at (407) 721-0594.